Once you get to the Border, you can walk across, and we will  pick you up at our designated pick up point on the Mexico side of the border, (see instructions below), 

Instructions for Shuttle from Mexican side of the border

The Idea of going to a Mexico dentist can be a scary thing to someone who is unfamiliar with travel in another country.  But going to a dentist in Tijuana is almost like going to just another part of San Diego, CA..  Downtown Tijuana is just 20 minutes from downtown San Diego.

We recommend parking on the US side and walking into Tijuana. It is easier to walk, and returning to the USA through pedestrian lane is much faster than via the driving lane. If you drive back into the USA by car, the line can be 1 1/2 hours long.  Walking back into the USA usually only takes 20 to 30 minutes.   
Once you get to Tijuana, the folks at Sam Dental will take care of everything.  All you have to do is get to the border and call us. Our phone receptionist, is Ceci. She is the one who you probably called to set your appointment. She will direct you. Ceci's direct number is: 619-600-5587. Make sure you call BEFORE you cross over into Mexico, since your cell phone might not work once you cross the border. Because communication in Mexico is not always smooth, Ceci might not get through to the driver instantly, and she wants to make sure that someone is on their way before she gives you the go ahead to cross into Mexico.  Also, if traffic is bad, it can take the driver up to 15 minutes to arrive, so he needs a little lead time to keep you from waiting on the street too long.

Entering Mexican Customs: 

Please note: the new entrance into Mexico for pedestrians, is now located on the East side of the freeway, back of the buildings by the trolley tracks, next to US Customs.

Go to the Mexico pedestrian entrance located on the East side of US Customs. Once you walk through the turnstile gate, you are in Mexico. You will walk past the Mexican Customs Officials, They will NOT be asking you for your passport. (You will only need to show your passport or birth certificate and I.D. to the US Customs as you re-enter the USA). After you pass the Customs officers,keep walking down the indicated path, until you come to the first bridge. Go up and over the bridges that span the traffic going north into the US. While you are up on the bridge, you will see a three story building, all mirror glass, with a sign on the roof that says "MEDAC". You will need to make your way to that building, as we will meet you there with the shuttle van.  Just come down off the bridge, and walk straight ahead, through the vender stalls, until you come to the street. Turn left and you will see the MEDAC building ahead, on your right.  Our white shuttle van will pick you up in front of the main entrance. 

Driving to the border?
Take Interstate 5 or 805 toward the border, and exit at the "last exit in the USA", it will be exit 1-A. The exit ramps off of both freeways merge together, and you will come to a light at the cross street, "Camino de la Plaza". At the light, you will need to turn to the left on "Camino de la Plaza" street.  You will go up over a bridge that crosses back over the freeway. When you come to the end of the bridge you will come to San Ysidro Blvd. Turn right, and look for a parking lot. (There will be parking immediately on your right as you turn on San Ysidro Blvd, and there is also parking back behind the "Jack-In--The-Box").  

Leaving your car, walk South toward US Customs. On the East side of the Trolley tracks is a group of buildings. You will find the new pedestrian path going around to the back side of the building. There are signs to show you the way.  (Please look at the  photos to the upper right.)

Taking the trolley to the border?
Take the trolley to the end of the line. The Trolley station is located right in front of the exit from US Customs.  Stepping off the train, and looking toward Mexico, US Customs is the big building in front of you to the right. On the East side of the tracks is a building where a McDonalds is located. You will find the new pedestrian path going around toward the back side of the building. There are signs to show you the way.  
Trolley stop in front of US Customs.
The turnstile gate going into Mexican Customs.
The best taxis to take are the white ones.
Going back to USA by car.
Ceci, the voice on the phone.
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Border Shuttle
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Sam Dental shuttle van
In the photo above, you will see how the pedestrian path starts on the East side of US Customs, behind the building where the McDonalds is located, next to the Trolley tracks.

Below you can see what the new entrance gate looks like.
Below see how the new path entering south from the border into Mexico, is sandwiched between all the northbound traffic, exiting Tijuana.
Sam Dental Van will meet you across the street from this McDonalds by the border.
The McDonald's by the border, on the Mexico side.
Above is Ceci, the voice you will hear on the phone when you call us to pick you up.
Our New Location - Suite 106
Sam Dental Van
View of our building (on the right), from the Abraham Lincoln traffic circle.
Here is the new location of Sam Dental in Suite 106
Below is a picture of the building where our clinic is located. 
Our Shuttle van.
Our Van will bring you here. Our office is #106
Our white van will pick you up in front of the main entrance to this building - MEDAC