Above is Oscar, our driver. He will be the one to pick you up.

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Quality Tijuana dentistry at 1/4 the price of dental treatments of San Diego Dentists or Los Angeles dentists
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Above is the location where you buy a ticket to ride the MEXICOACH bus into Tijuana.
Above is one of the MEXICOACH shuttle vans,
The MEXICOACH bus terminal located on Revolucion Blvd.
Instructions for taking the MEXICOACH into TIJUANA

With all the construction going on at the US Customs building, the lines to walk back across the border to the US, or to drive back across, are very long, especially on Saturday and Sunday. The best alternatives are either to drive into Tijuana, and we will give you a FAST PASS for driving in the special lane for Medical/dental tourists, or you can take the MEXICOACH bus into and back from Tijuana. 

​For information on the FAST PASS and driving into Tijuana, click here: FAST PASS

How to take the MEXICOACH bus:

You can catch the MEXICOACH bus at the "Border Station Parking Lot" located on Camino de la Plaza Ave, on the West side of Interstate Highways 5 and 805. As you are traveling south on the freeway, watch for exit 1-A. There will a green highway sign with flashing yellow lights that says: "Last USA Exit" "Camino de la Plaza Ave". When you go down the ramp, you will come up to the traffic light at Camino de la Plaza. Turn right at the light, and then take an immediate right into the "Border Station Parking" lot. Parking is $7 per day. You will find the booth for Tourist information. Inquire there about the MEXICOACH. The bus will come every 30 minutes.

​Once you get on the bus, and before it goes into Mexico, please call Sam Dental at 619-600-5597. The receptionist will get your description, and will alert the driver to go over to the MEXICOACH bus station on Revolucion Blvd to pick you you up.​

The main benefit of taking the MEXICOACH is, you won't have to do much walking. if you walk into Mexico for us to pick you up on the Mexico side, it is a walk of several blocks. Taking the MEXICOACH eliminates that walk.  If you go back on the MEXICOACH, you won't have to stand in that long pedestrian line at the border. The bus will take you to a special side door at US Customs. This door goes to a designated line for bus passengers, and the line is normally about 25 people long. Once you exit US Customs, the Mexicoach will be waiting to take you back over to the Border Station Parking lot.
Click photo above to go to www.mexicoach.com
Our New Location - Suite 106
Sam Dental shuttle van
Here is the new location of Sam Dental in Suite 106
                                                (Starting July 1, 2013)